Microneedling – Things to Know

If you live in New York you’ve heard about microneedling, but is it a procedure that will work for you? We’re going to share 5 things you should know about this treatment, if you’re thinking about getting microneedling in NYC.

1. Microneedling is a Natural and Effective Way to get Facial Rejuvenation


What makes microneedling in NYC natural is that it’s non-destructive and like a naturopathic treatment because there are no drugs or harsh chemicals used in the procedure. It works by tricking the skin into believing it’s rejuvenating itself.


The microscopic needles used for the treatment are like high-tech acupuncture for your face and they’re designed to stimulate your skin and speed up collagen production. The result of microneedling in NYC is an improved skin tone and soft smooth skin.


2. There is no Healing Involved After Microneedling in NYC Treatments


The treatment is effective because of the results. Nothing is stripped from the skin, there’s no laser or burning, no cuts or incisions. After the treatment your skin might be red, but you don’t have to heal. In fact, clients often get the treatment on their lunch break and go right back to work.


3. Reasonably Priced Facial Treatment


The cost of microneedling in NYC is affordable, especially when compared to other facial treatments such as full facial laser resurfacing. Not to mention the other benefits – the results are comparable but the risk significantly lower.


4. Quick Results of Microneedling in NYC


The procedure not only works fast, but the treatment works a long time too. After a series of treatments – usually 6 for most clients, changes are visibly noticeable. The remodeling changes to your face last between 6 to 12 months.


5. Treatments are Safe for all Ethnicities


Microneedling in NYC is safe for people of color because pigmentation changes are unheard of, making it a better facial treatment than lasers or chemical peels, which are known for leaving dark or light patchy areas.
If you’ve been thinking about getting this skin rejuvenation treatment, we hope this helps you make your decision. We feel it’s important to also give you tips on where you should get microneedling in NYC.


Tips on Where to get Microneedling in NYC


Make sure you go to a professional. Not all microneedling (https://jordanjacobsnyc.com/2019/11/25/microneedling-is-it-right-for-you/) services are created equal. You would never get a facelift from a non-certified plastic surgeon, so make sure you go to a professional. Ideally a registered nurse working with a physician.


Although microneedling in NYC is an amazing way to get younger looking skin, it’s not a cure for every problem. There might be a better or more appropriate treatment that would work for you. If you go to a professional, they are the people qualified to help you decide what the best choice for you and your skin is.


So now you know what to expect and where to go for microneedling in NYC, but do you have more questions? If you do, make sure you visit our website, you can get more information or book a consultation.