Fat Removal targets small, stubborn areas of fat that can be permanently eliminated with injections of Kybella, which destroys fat cells and causes them to be expelled from the body.

We offer fat removal treatment in NYC, New York.Fat Removal is deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring molecule in the body that helps break down and remove fat from stubborn areas such as a double chin, abdomen, arms, and thighs. A numbing cream is applied and once injected, within a few weeks the body will permanently expel the fat. This fat removal treatment usually requires multiple, regularly scheduled treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart to remove the maximal amount of fat, depending upon the severity and area being treated.


Fat Removal permanently eliminates stubborn fat from the body.



2-6 sessions spread 4 weeks apart.



Permanent results with maintenance treatments for maximum removal.


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A removable grid is applied to the treatment area and then the Fat Removal solution is gently and quickly injected in small amounts into the fat, during which some patients may feel a slight burning sensation. Fat Removal can safely and permanently remove fat from a variety of areas, including:

  • double chin
  • inner thighs (“thigh-bella”)
  • outer thighs (“thigh-bella”)
  • “bra bulge” or “sleevage” (under armpits)
  • inner arms
  • outer arms
  • belly fat (abdomen)
  • love handles
  • above knees
  • “banana rolls” (under buttock)
  • back fat
  • calves
  • chubby cheeks (buccal fat)
  • buffalo hump (neck fat)
  • under eye bags



  • To reduce the risk of bruising, do not take any anti-inflammatory or blood thinning medications for 1 week before the treatment. This includes Aspirin, Motrin, Ibuprofen, Advil, Antihistamine Medications, Vitamin E, Fish Oil, Gingko Biloba, St. John’s Wort, and Garlic supplements. Avoid consuming alcohol the night prior to treatment.
  • Do not schedule injections before an event. Allow at least 2 weeks before any major event allow the swelling to go down.



  • There is typically a period of swelling in the first 5-10 days where the area becomes swollen. During this period, the area will become larger than the final result. Icing during and after the procedure helps minimize the swelling. Most patients are able to return to work the next day or after fat removal treatment.
  • Gently apply cold compresses to the area immediately after injections and repeatedly for the first 24 hours. Icing the area in 15 minute intervals minimizes the swelling.
  • Avoid exercise and strenuous activity for the first 24 hours after injection.
  • Swelling and bruising of the injection site may occur. This may last a few days, and can be covered with a scarf or clothing.
  • Avoid thermal trauma such as hot showers, whirlpool, steam rooms, saunas, etc. for 2 days following treatment.
  • Do not take any anti-inflammatory or blood thinning medications for 1 week following treatment. This includes Aspirin, Motrin, Ibuprofen, Advil and Antihistamine Medications, Vitamin E, and Fish Oil. Avoid consuming alcohol the night prior to treatment.


Areas Served:

We provide fat removal treatment to the clients in following cities and counties in New York:

Cities & Towns:

New York City, Mount Kisco, Goshen, Nyack


Westchester County, Orange County, Rockland County