Chemical Vs Laser Fat Removal – What is the Difference?

With over 250,000 surgies performed every year, liposuction is one of the most common cosmetic surgeries in the United States. The procedure, known as lipoplasty, targets specific areas of localized fat deposits and removes the cells from the body. There have been many advancements in fat removal in NYC –particularly in Lipoplasty—since 1974, when Italian and French surgeons first used suction to remove fat. One of the most significant developments has been the addition of lasers, known as Smartlipo, approved by the FDA in 2006. The other is lipodissolve, an injectable treatment relying on chemical interaction to break down fat cells. While both methods are effective, they use rather different methods and concepts to achieve their results. Keep reading to learn more.

Chemical Vs Laser Fat Removal – What is the Difference?

Chemical fat removal in NYC is done through a series of injections, spaced apart by 4 to 6 weeks so they don’t cause too much inflammation and tissue necrosis (the death of cells in living tissue, which is extremely detrimental to a patient’s health). Patients will most likely see results after their third injection. While this method is not as invasive as traditional liposuction, patients can expect the area of injection to swell considerably – almost double in size – for a week or more.

On the other hand, Smartlipo, or laser fat removal in NYC, is done through surgical methods. A small laser probe is used to first heat up and then melt fat away from the targeted area. Once the fat is liquefied, it is suctioned out using a cannula and physical manipulation. Unlike chemical fat removal in NYC, Smartlipo is done in one session. Patients can expect considerable bruising and swelling in the treated areas, but less than that of traditional liposuction. Adding the laser heat to the treatment also provides extra skin tightening benefits.


Laser fat removal in NYC is considered to be the more effective method because it can be completed in one session as opposed to months of injections. The laser probe can be used (almost) anywhere on the body that is anesthetized; therefore, as much fat can be removed as possible. Since chemical fat removal in NYC is done through injections, it can only be done in small, concentrated areas of fat deposits, like under the chin or someone’s upper arms. This is preferable for patients who do not want to undergo surgery for fat removal, or as a touch-up option for those who have already gone through more invasive liposuction.


Both procedures for fat removal in NYC are effective in providing noticeable results, and both are permanent when a healthy diet and lifestyle are maintained.


Laser fat removal in NYC requires more recovery time than chemical does because of the invasiveness of the surgery. As stated above, chemical fat removal in NYC does cause swelling and discomfort for a week or two. However, laser fat removal does not require as much recovery time as traditional liposuction, but it carries many of the same risks and side effects, just on a smaller scale. The results are more immediate than that of chemical fat removal, which can take 4 to 6 months to be noticeable. Visit our website for more details.

Everything You Want to Know about Non-Surgical Butt Lifts

In 2021, wouldn’t it be great to have something that will give you a bit of a ‘lift’? For those who would like a little bit of plastic surgery without the actual surgery, there are cosmetic procedures that can be considered. These procedures are less invasive, less expensive, but also less permanent. And they are definitely worth considering. Here is everything you want to know about getting a non surgical butt lift in NYC.

What is it? — A non-surgical butt lift in NYC is an elective, cosmetic procedure that enhances, curves, and shapes the buttocks by using fat injections or dermal fillers.

Why have it done? — Age, gravity, and weight changes can cause the buttocks to sag or go a bit flat. It is not a necessary procedure, but one that can help you to feel a bit better and improve your confidence. People who opt for a non-surgical butt lift in NYC are those who have lost a lot of weight recently, or who have been having other weight issues or issues with skin elasticity.

Is it safe? — Yes. With the dermal filler injections, there is no anesthesia needed, although a mild numbing can be done to reduce discomfort. As this is not surgery, there is no scarring, and there are no implants to be concerned about. A non-surgical butt lift in NYC is a safe, easily done procedure.

Are there any side effects? — There can be some pain or an aching in the buttocks for a few days after each injection, but that should subside quickly following your non-surgical butt lift in NYC.

What is better about this option?

A non-surgical butt lift in NYC uses the body’s regenerative powers to perform the enhancements. With the proper materials and injections, the buttocks will grow and curve out with the benefit of collagen. Collagen can also tighten the skin to reduce wrinkles and cellulite.

What is better about the non-surgical butt lift in NYC is that there is no recovery time, no surgery, and no implants. It is also not a Brazilian Butt Lift, which requires the patient’s own body fat for the procedure.

What happens at an appointment?

At an appointment, the cosmetic doctor will numb the area and insert a cannula to drain fluids. They will then inject the filler product into the area where collagen is produced. In the weeks to follow the non-surgical butt lift in NYC, the shaping will begin as the filler works with the body’s own collagen to produce more, and to give shape. Results will start to be seen quickly.

Be kind to yourself.

After the non-surgical butt lift in NYC, it is a good idea to take good care of your butt! Sleep on your stomach, if it is recommended, and don’t overdo it at the gym for the first couple of days. This regulates the blood flow and prevents bruising. Massage the area regularly for the first week.

How can I get a non-surgical butt lift in NYC?

You can get started by visiting the clinic and getting a consultation. At the initial appointment, discuss if you are a good candidate for a non-surgical butt lift in NYC. Costs will vary according to your needs, the number of appointments required, and your goals. Click here for more information.

“It Improved My Confidence by 100%.” A Client Shares Her Nonsurgical Nose Job Story

The nose is the centerpiece of the face and a defining characteristic of our appearance. There’s no right or wrong way for a nose to look—they can be broad, delicate, long, upturned, and strikingly asymmetrical—but what matters is whether a.) your nose works as it should, and b.) you like it. And if you don’t, the good news is you don’t necessarily need a nose job to achieve the look you want. Read on to learn about a new and convenient alternative—a nonsurgical nose job—and find out why this procedure was life-changing for one of Jordan Jacobs’ clients.


Non-Surgical Nose Jobs – Reshape Your Nose in Minutes

These days, we see ourselves in entirely different and unexpected ways. Going to work online or chatting to a friend over webcam gives us a rather awkward view of our own face. You don’t have to do anything drastic, but if you have been thinking about the shape of your nose for years, a non-surgical nose job might be right for you. A non surgical nose job in NYC can make changes happen fast.

It’s not full-on invasive rhinoplasty

Those who are interested in having this non-invasive procedure done are those who are unhappy with the shape of their nose, but who do not require, or want, full rhinoplasty surgery with anesthesia and a long recovery time. A non-surgical nose job NYC is a fantastic alternative. Check with the doctor to see if this is right for you, and then it’s a simple matter of a numbing cream, some filler injections, and a massage that will give the nose its desired shape. For anyone who wants to change the shape of their nose in just minutes, a non-surgical nose job in NYC is just the thing. The best thing about it is that there is no surgeon’s knife, no risk, no healing time, and no permanent change. There is no pain. The injections are shallow, and a numbing cream is used.

Who is this right for?

The results of the non-surgical nose job NYC are instant, and they can last for up to a year. The procedure can not fix big problems, like a broken nose or anything that requires major reconstruction, but the injections can fill in an area around a bump, change the shape of a droopy nose, change the symmetry, or hide scars. The fillers used are the same as those that are injected to make lips look a little plumper or to fill wrinkles.

Most people are good candidates for the non-surgical nose job NYC, and that is good news. More good news is that this is something that can be tried to see how well it works out. For some, it works out even better. It takes only about 15 minutes, and you will be awake. There may be a little bit of redness, but that will disappear in no time.

Why have this procedure?

The nose is often the first thing people notice about someone’s face, and that may be why some people are self- conscious about it. If you are feeling uncomfortable about the way your nose looks for whatever reason and want to do something about it, then it is good to know that rhinoplasty surgery is not needed. There are alternatives that cost less and are less time consuming and troublesome. A non-surgical nose job NYC is easier than going to the dentist for a cleaning. Just get started by visiting the clinic for a consultation. It’s easy, and if you are a good candidate, the procedure could begin that day. Visit our website for more details.

Thread Lift: What to Expect, Cost, Recovery, and More

There are a number of cosmetic procedures that can help you achieve your beauty goals. More recently, threadlifting in NYC has grown in popularity within the cosmetic industry. Unlike methods that require invasive surgery, threadlifting is considered a much more subtle and approachable method for combating aging.

Threadlifting: What is it?

Threadlifting in NYC is a non-surgical lift procedure that works to reduce the appearance of aging and produce a natural, youthful appearance. The procedure will not take up your day, either – it can be done in less than an hour! During the process, medical grade threads, or sutures, are used to lift and tighten the face and body. The sutures stimulate collagen production, which in turn fills gaps in sagging skin and improves overall skin condition. Common target areas include the jowls and jawline, brow line, forehead, cheeks, and under the eyes.

How Much Will It Cost?

The price tag can vary depending on the medical spa and the amount of work you choose to have done, but threadlifting in NYC ranges from $500 to $5000. It is important to note that threadlifting is commonly categorized as a cosmetic procedure, and most insurance companies will not cover costs. Unlike surgical routes, threadlifting does not require anesthesia, which saves you money when it comes down to billing.

What Will Recovery Look Like?

For most, recovery after threadlifting in NYC is minimal. Within only a few minutes of the procedure being completed, you are free to leave. Threadlifting is a low-risk procedure, but it is not uncommon to experience bruising, swelling, bleeding, and/or slight pain at the injection site. Less common is allergic reactions to the threading material, migration of threads, pain under the skin, and infection. For the first few weeks of recovery, it is recommended to limit alcohol intake and avoid sleeping on the newly placed sutures.

How Long Does It Last?

Threadlifting is not designed to be a permanent fix. Successful procedures can last anywhere from a year to three. With time, the sutures will dissolve and be absorbed by the tissue beneath your skin. If that sounds intimidating, don’t worry – the sutures used in threadlifting in NYC are medical grade quality and do not pose a risk to your health.

The Art of Subtlety

Threadlifting is more subtle than surgical procedures, but with the lighter touch comes a number of perks. For those looking to rejuvenate their appearance, threadlifting is a great alternative to surgical routes that is more affordable, less invasive, and has a reduced recovery time. For the best results, it is important to find a trusted medical spa with experience in threadlifting. At Jordan Jacobs, we provide expert threadlifting services that will lift and redefine your features. We are a world-class expert in advanced facial anatomy, non-surgical rejuvenation, and management. Our team is made up of world-leading estheticians who have years of experience performing threadlifting in NYC. If you’re ready to refresh your look, get in touch with us today. Click here to learn more.

The Nefertiti Effect: A Neck (Lift) Fit for a Queen

Who wouldn’t want to have a neck like Nefertiti? The Egyptian queen, known for her elegant features, is a source of inspiration in more ways than one. During her reign alongside Pharaoh Akhentaten, she reshaped both the political and religious structures of Egypt—and may have even ruled alone after his death. Nefertiti became a global icon of feminine power and beauty after archeologists rediscovered her painted sandstone bust in 1913. Her timeless beauty also inspired a procedure that bears her name: the Nefertiti Neck Lift. This treatment tightens, lifts, and defines the entire jawline, profile, chin, and neck without fillers or surgery—and it takes less than ten minutes to complete. Read on to discover how it can work for you.