Five Facts About Vampire Facials

If you are an avid fan of Kim Kardashian, you might already know everything there is to know about vampire facials. However, if you don’t spend hours upon hours scrolling through Instagram, you might be a little behind on the latest beauty trend. A vampire facial in NYC is a treatment that combines microdermabrasion and platelet-rich plasma (aka your blood) to stimulate cell turnover. Now before you get a little squeamish at the mention of blood, or blow this off as another passing beauty fad, here are five facts you need to know about vampire facials.


1. The procedure is anything but new


The Vampire Facial in NYC might have gained popularity because of celebrities broadcasting their blood splattered faces on Instagram, but the procedure itself was developed over 30 years ago. Originally used after orthopedic surgery, the vampire facial was used to accelerate healing by injecting platelets into the damaged area. Doing so promotes blood clotting which then stimulates enzymes that aid in healing and tissue regeneration.


2. You shouldn’t be bloody during the facial


Although the vampire facial in NYC was infamously named so because it incorporates the use of blood, it shouldn’t make you look like an extra from a horror movie. If platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is properly obtained and FDA-approved, it will be a yellowish color because there are no red blood cells.


3. The procedure is non-invasive


PRP is a concentrated source of platelets, grow factors, and cytokines — small proteins — which naturally occur in your own body. Therefore, there has never been a single reported complication caused by vampire facials in NYC. Aside from obtaining the blood at the start of your appointment, which is the same as having a doctor draw your blood, the rest of the treatment is typically applied via a tiny micro-needle. There are no knives or surgical apparatus required, which makes it a great alternative to cosmetic surgeries.


4. Recovery time is minimal


Unlike facelifts and rhinoplasties, the vampire facial in NYC requires very little recovery time. There is no bruising and any swelling or redness that does occur generally disappears within a day or two. You can go to work or an event the next day, and no one will ever know you had work done! Although the recovery time is minimal, significant results will take several weeks to notice. Besides glowing skin, you will notice smaller pores, less acne, smoother skin, and collagen stimulation.


5. The treatment is painless


A vampire facial in NYC shouldn’t hurt. Although Kim Kardashian has perpetuated the myth that it does by dramatically screaming during her procedure on an episode of her reality TV show, a certified provider will apply a medical-grade numbing cream to your face. This cream ensures that the procedure is completely painless and no discomfort should be felt during or after the facial. As mentioned in fact number 3, this is a non-invasive treatment that only uses a micro-needle to inject the PRP. It is important that you properly research and book your facial with a reputable provider. If you do feel pain during your facial, don’t be afraid to vocalize it and ask questions!