What You Should Know About PRP Hair Treatment

Although aging does bring benefits, one of the frustrating things about it is starting to look older when you still feel so young and vital. If life really does begin at fifty, then let’s get out and live it! Don’t worry about the physical effects of aging, like hair loss, or wrinkles. They add character, sure, but they don’t have to be accepted as fact. There are solutions, such as PRP Hair Treatment in NYC, for hair loss. Hair loss is considered a problem for men more than for women, but it does happen to women as well. For those distressed by hair loss, here are some basic things you should know about PRP Hair Treatment.


What is it?


PRP stands for Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy. It is a popular, non-surgical method of stimulating hair follicles to regrow hair. This treatment is too new to have been studied in depth, but there have been so many success stories that many places offer PRP hair treatment in NYC as a result.


How does it work?


The plasma used in the injections is your own. Blood is drawn from your arm and is separated into three parts. The platelet-rich blood is separated and used for your treatment. The doctor numbs your scalp in the treatment area to make you as comfortable as possible and then injects the PRP carefully at the level of the hair follicles. The result? The hair follicles are stimulated, and new hair growth should begin within three to five months.


Does it work for everyone?


It’s being used for other medical issues and sports injuries, not just for hair loss treatments, so PRP hair treatment in NYC is looking like a very promising treatment development. The length of time to see results may vary, and so may the results themselves, but the medical risk is low, and it’s less invasive and less costly than surgery. However, hair loss is natural, and there are usually reasons for it, meaning that hair treatments will need to be ongoing. The length of time the hair growth lasts can also vary, but it is not a ‘do it once and forget’ procedure.


Are there side effects?


There might be, but they are rare and are usually from complications from the injection, and not from the substance injected. Because the blood comes from your own body there are no allergic reactions, but injections and needles always carry some risk like pain or infection, but these are preventable and can be discussed with the doctor in NYC handling your PRP hair treatment therapy.


Activated platelet injections are a part of the body’s natural healing process which is why there are so many successful PRP hair treatments done in NYC. Tissue regeneration is something the body already knows how to do.


Thinking about it? Be sure to talk to a reputable aesthetics provider about PRP hair treatment in NYC and how it can help you. Book an appointment to ask questions and talk about whatever concerns you have.